Ice Cream Distributors of Florida, is the largest Ice Cream Vending distributor in Florida. Our product line reaches more than 800 ice cream trucks and ice cream pushcarts in Florida per day. Ice Cream Distributors of Florida has kept the dominant market share in Ice Cream Vending in Florida because of the capabilities of our distribution network and our variety of Ice Cream brands!

Ice Cream Distributors of Florida is Master Distributors of Wells BLUE BUNNY® ice cream novelties. We carry many of the finest quality ice cream products that are not found in any store. We have the best selection of items. From BOMB POP® Jr.’s, Minions and Bratz bars for children to Cookies & Cream Cups or all Big Dipper Cones for Adults, we carry 120 items to satisfy every taste for every age. We also have the best prices in the market.

Mobile Vendors

Looking to start your own business? We can help you with that! Here are some guidelines on getting an ice cream truck ready for business:

  • Our number one priority is safety. You are responsible for the safety of your customers, and make sure to keep that in mind all the way.
  • Ice cream trucks come in many different styles, the most common being the step van or high top van.
  • Freezer options are typically a cold plate freezer or a chest freezer with an inverter connection.
  • To start an account with Ice Cream Distributors is easy! Please fill out our form on the side of the page and we will assist you on getting your business on the road!

Mobile vendors are entrepreneurs and how successful they are depends on how hard and smart they work. A clean truck and neatly dress driver is necessary for gaining repetitive customers and booking special events. Many mobile vendors use social media to communicate daily specials and to help build a bond with their customers.

* Ice Cream Distributors of Florida does not rent, lease, or hire drivers to operate ice cream trucks.

Agricultural Department for Licensing